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- Impatient, irritable, overbearing, nervous exhaustion

Balancing Influences from the Tree:

Gentle, Open to rhythm of life, patience


- To consciously bring change in your life you must embrace more positive thoughts and habits. 

Qualities & Traits of the Ash Essence – ‘The Enchanter’:

- Free thinking.

- Imaginative, intuitive, and naturally artistic, see the world in water-colour purity. - - - Moody and withdrawn at times, but that’s only because the inner landscape is in constant motion.

- In touch with your muse, and you are easily inspired by nature.

- Likewise, inspiring all that you associate with and people seek you out for your enchanting personality.

- Art, writing (especially poetry), science, and theology (spiritual matters) of strongly interest.

- Sometimes seems reclusive, but in all honesty, it is simply immersion in your own world of fantastic vision and design.

- In a constant state of self-renewal, rarely placing a value on what others think about you.

Earth Months – Tree – Moon Cycle connection:

Ash: 3rd Moon of the Year

February 18 - March 17

Ancient Irish Ogham Alphabet:

The Ancient Ogham Alphabet typically had four groups of letter symbols each, making a total of 20 letters.

Letter Combination for Ash: Nuin


Botanical Name: Fraxinus americana

Meaning:The World Tree; Tree of Life

(Source of info


Ancient Celtic Rituals:

This Ogham symbol is used in Celtic Reiki at the start of a manifestation treatment 
to connect to the energy required for the treatment.

Pronunciation: NION or NUIN (Nee-Arn) - N - ASH


Planet: The Sun and Neptune

Element: Water, Fire

Symbolism: Mastership and Power

Stone: Turquoise, Lepidolite (Increase psychic awareness)

Medicinal properties: 

Ash bark can make an infusion that is a mild laxative and diuretic. The rood bark is the most potent with astringent properties, and was used to treat liver diseases and arthritic rheumatism.  Other uses include reduce fever, treat kidney and urinary infections, expel intestinal parasites, and treating malaria.



Druidic Wisdom:

"Know yourself and you will know the world."  


This ancient Druid phrase describes to us how we are linked to our world, and how the Ash was seen as spanning the world around us and within each of us.

The Green Man Tree Oracle
by John Matthews and Will Worthington


Strength comes in many forms and is often wrongly confused with power. It can also allude to endurance, the ability to survive in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. One of the most powerful characteristics of humanity, strength endlessly represents itself in the darker pages of our history, and is often exhibited in the desire to protect a piece of land, or to die for the needs of one's country. Such feelings arise from a sense of rootedness, of belonging to a particular place. Inner strength, the gift of a spiritual presence within each individual, also lends itself to the imagery of the tree, whose life-giving sap courses through it like blood, drawing on the energy of the earth to give it the strength to grow. Growth itself is another aspect of strength, since without inner resources we may cease to grow and may find ourselves increasingly weakened. Whatever you may be looking for, Ash instructs you to consult your roots and to be sure of your inner direction before you act.

The dual powers of the ash are

its strength and its rootedness in wisdom. 


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