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Here are testimonials shared about personal viewpoints, group experiences,  health benefits of mindfulness, qi gong / nature movements.

Testimonials From the Weekly Qi GONG CLASS


 I have been happily attending Brenda's class in Devon Park for several months now. I enjoy it hugely. Physically Qi Gong has improved my balance and also released stress and tension in my shoulders and neck. Mentally it's improving my ability to quieten my mind. Each week I feel I am becoming better at letting go of distractions and focusing on my breathing. I love this class and would recommend it for anyone. A wonderful group of people attend. It is a perfect start to my week.


I am going to the classes in Devon park Salthill. I find the classes very good if the body is feeling tense and they help you with breathing. Also  classes are nice and slow, Brenda is very good as she guides you through it. The last 15 minutes is lovely where you can wind down and relax after a stressfull day. I highly recommend these classes very good for body and soul. We all deserve this treat, a nice room, the space is comfortable. 


I have been attending Brenda's classes for several months now and have seen definite improvements in both my mental and physical health. I find the classes calming and relaxing for both body and mind.


Brenda is a very kind, warm individual and ideally suited to her job. She is very patient and demonstrates an in-depth knowledge of qi-gong and mindfulness. The movements in each class are very gentle and allow you to move at your own pace. I have seen my stamina improve as each week goes by. I have also noticed that I always sleep better after one of Brenda's sessions as the tension and stresses of daily life are left behind. I would highly recommend these classes to anyone. Brenda's class is a highlight of my week. 


I find my qigong practice is the best way to start the day, creating and moving energy throughout the body.  Monday morning qigong sessions are the perfect start to the week. Brenda gently guides us through the movements, bringing mindfulness to our practice, with a sense of calm that stays with me long after the class has finished.  Thank you for the opportunity to practice in community.


I’ve been practising QiGong occasionally through an online training (having first been introduced to it via Stephen Russell, Barefoot Doctor) but hadn’t attended a group practise until I saw Brenda Flannery’s classes advertised at the Train Station Gym. From my very first class to most Sundays, it’s a session I really look forward to, not least for the transformative, effectiveness of just closing off the week-long brain chat and focusing on simple movements & breathe. 


QiGong is deceptively easy to learn, with repetitive movements, stretching and breathe. It’s also deceptively deep, with movements that work many muscles, using tensile strength as well as being gentle and graceful. This is where many benefits lie. As a tutor, Brenda is knowledgeable, friendly and articulate in guiding us through various movements and practise and I can only recommend that people Qi-Go!


The benefits I feel from doing this class include becoming more aware of the importance of balance especially as we get older. It makes me more conscious of making a habit of moving as mindfully as possible. I find there are challenges too, and the class helps me overcome these challenges. I don't particularly like doing exercise but Brenda keeps it very interesting because she calmly explains how each movement affects muscles, tendons and organs. She also explains the link between physical movement and awareness  It is  key for me to understand the benefit of each movement in order to stay focused and interested. I find the class very informative.


The practice and class helps me in daily life. I go to the pool a few times a week and practice some of the stretches there. I find myself really listening to the music during the class and noticing the trees outside. I become more aware during the class and remember this technique quite often during the week.


I really like the silk reeling movement. Brenda explains it simply and straightforwardly because it is tricky until you get the feel of it. But once you do it is calming and graceful with a lovely feeling of accomplishment. I would recommend this class to others. I would  particularly to people who think that exercise is not their thing and for people who want something more meditative than just exercise for fitness. I also like that you can attend on a pay as you go basis.


I had never heard of Qi Gong before attending Brenda's class and didn't know what to expect, except that it was a meditative form of exercise. One of the fantastic things about the class is that it is accessible to absolutely anyone. The movements are all simple but the way they are combined allows you to tune into your body and feel yourself strengthening and stretching. At the end of class I always feel calmer and more focused than at the start. I have been doing yoga for years and although I love it, sometimes you can go into auto-pilot from knowing the postures so well, you forget to think about the finer details of each movement. Challenging myself with a totally new set of movements has reminded me to check in with how my body is placed which has made me really enjoy Qi Gong but also helped me to become more aware in my yoga practise.  I love the Eagle movement because whenever I do it I visualise an eagle soaring over cliffs in the sunshine - a lot of the postures evoke natural imagery. I would recommend this class to anyone, from my granny to a rugby player!


I am not one for exercise but I really enjoy the Sunday morning Qi Gong class. It is very relaxing for the mind and the stretching exercises can be as easy or as difficult as you choose. By the end of the class I feel calmer, more relaxed and my body feels in better condition. I particularly enjoy the balancing exercises and the challenge of closing one's eyes and trying to master them. It is unusual what you can learn about your body and its limitations by doing this class. Brenda's style of teaching is welcoming, kind and supportive. I would recommend this for people who don't want a crazy gym experience of lifting weights and pumping iron but still want to reap the benefits of an all over workout with mindfulness. 


I really love Brenda's Qi Gong class and it is my favourite way to end the week. Since I have been doing this, I feel that a lot of my muscle and back issues have improved a lot. In each class attention is paid to every single muscle and tendon and I leave the class feeling that I have had a total body workout but a very calm one. It is easy to focus on every movement as Brenda gives very clear instruction with gentle, relaxing music in the background and everything is in tune with nature. One pose which I enjoy but find a little challenging is when we soar like an eagle, stretching hamstrings and mobilising the upper body. Each time we do it gives an opportunity to improve. I would recommend Qi Gong to everyone, for mind as well as body.

Connacht u18 Hockey players

Rate calm/stress levels 1-10: Very calm =1, Very stressed =10

Before =7

After =1

We usually practice our mindful movements after our trainings, which are intense and have high pressure situations.

I love to do the ocean breathing (which is my favourite) after the sessions. I immediately feel calmer andI’m no longer stressed or worried, I love closing my eyes and sinking into my own space to relax.

After school days when I’ve come home worried about homework or exams, I find it’s a good time to take just 10

minutes out from my study to get some ocean breathing done. I feel immediately more free, I can only describe it as not feeling tied down. It’s a great technique and I’m very pleased I was introduced to it. I think the great thing about these exercises is that it doesn’t need to be precise, for so many things we need to have a correct formula or way of doing it, not this. For example; I like to stand with my eyes closed while clenching and un-clenching my hands during the ocean breathing. I take big long breaths and don’t have to worry about the time it takes. Others don’t like their eyes closed, some bend their knees as they go, others take shallow breaths, it’s all personal preference and I really love that about it.

I definitely would recommend these exercises to my friends in school or other sports teams, it’s a great way to calm yourself in stressful situations, or even to gather thoughts at the beginning/middle/end of the day.

Connacht U18 Hockey player

Rate calm/stress levels 1-10: Very calm =1, Very stressed =10

Before =6

After =2
Favourite movement- the ocean breathing as I like when u can imagine the ball/air in between your hands and it makes the exercise easier to understand and feel.
After doing the exercises I feel a lot calmer and relaxed compared to before it. I also feel clear minded.
Communication and understanding is quite good and I wouldn't change anything.
I would definitely recommend to others as it really helps for on and off the pitch, I think it has also helped me to play better as I'm less stressed and more clear minded. 

Connacht U18 Hockey Player

Connacht u18 Hockey Management Team

Rate calm/stress levels 1-10: Very calm =1, Very stressed =10

Before =5

After =1

- Favourite movement Mountain Breathing – It’s calming and stretching the spine helps calm breathing for me. I’m

relaxed during this movement.

- Helpful health benefits: It’s a great way to end a busy training session. For the girls (u18 squad) it’s nice to see them

united together in a circle and taking time to relax and be calm after a busy/intense training session or game. It’s nice to switch off and let the mind relax. Everything is always so clear and Brenda’s calm demeanor transfers to the girls.

- I would absolutely recommend to other teams, individuals/communities.

As manager of the squad (Connacht U18s Hockey) I see Brenda’s work with the team as a vital part of their training schedule. She creates a calm atmosphere after the girls have been challenged during a training session/match. It also assists with team bonding by having everyone finish the session together. The girls walk off the pitch smiling and chatting after what can be at times a stressful and intense session. Playing sport at a high level brings many pressures which can cause stress and anxiety. Brenda provides the squad with opportunities to manage and cope with these pressures. At training she demonstrates a variety of movements which help calm the body and mind. She also sends daily wellbeing movements which are done at home. These are illustrated and come with clear instructions as well as highlighting the health benefits.

Elaine Gantly

Testimonials from Schools, teams & Health Services

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