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What is Qi Gong?

Qi Gong is an ancient self-healing movement practice. It is the root of the well known practice Tai-Chi. Qi Gong (pronounced chee-gong) is a practice based on the rhythms & presence of Nature. It is meditation through movement.

In each Qi Gong mindful movement class, we explore and take care of the body’s systems and energy. Gentle and deep movements release pain and blockages. Moving mindfully restores our natural flow and harmony. These uplifting movements such as the mountain, the river and the eagle, support the organs and body’s natural structure. We focus on gentle tendon stretching which benefits bone marrow health and the muscle function. This helps to prevent or clear chronic issues such as bone density issues, or more acute injuries such as a pulled muscle. By supporting our physical structure this has a warming feeling and glowing ripple affect to benefit mental health and spiritual health. Qi Gong gives us the opportunity to deal with every aspect of our health, which is a vast multi-dimensional world! It is about transforming stress into vitality and wisdom. We can deal effectively with overwhelm, stress and pressures of the external world with resilience, understanding and compassion.

Benefits of Mindful Movement

Movement benefits the body’s flow of energy, core strength & mind-body-spirit connection. Practicing connecting the awareness of nature with moving is mindfulness in motion. This benefits the Health of internal organs, muscles & tendons, inner balance, strengthen core & immunity. ​

Qi Practices

  • Alongside many more forms of movement, the practice of Qi Gong evolved from awareness of nature. It is a self-healing breathing & movement practice. It originates in ancient Chinese medicine & integrates focusing the mind, physical postures & breathing awareness. Qi means life energy that flows through all living things, nature & humans. Gong means steady practice & growing in skill.

  • Tapping and Acu-Pressure release tension quickly, restores & strengthens natural harmony. Tai-Chi evolved from Qi Gong. It is dynamic movement good for health, speed of body coordination & reflexes.

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