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Practicing Mindfulness:


  • Mindfulness means presence & awareness… being yourself & living in the now. It is our natural state as humans & it is the ability to manage our own energy. We can grow in feeling strong and calm in each moment.

  • Mindfulness is as simple as taking 3 deep breathes. It is about paying attention on purpose in the present moment experience. It is important to be gentle & open-minded too when challenges in life arise, this allows us to find balance in a spirit of kindness & strength.

  • Mindfulness is about practicing living in harmony with oneself and life, appreciating all that is good in and around us. It is waking up to the fact that life, just like all of nature is alive in the now. It is becoming aware of our inner weather & managing our own energy effectively, strengthening our sense of self & our ability to live deeply from the inside. Being mindful is being self-aware, with the attitude of good Health & freedom. This empowers us to think for ourselves & connect with others well. It is strengthens & nourishes our own thoughts, clarity, inner energy & external happenings. Helping us to respond to ourselves & others with compassion, respect & understanding.


The Essence of Mindfulness:

  • The root of mindfulness is being aware of breathing, own thoughts & life energy flowing in the body. This brings us home to our own presence & current experience. It is a life skill that releases stress & increases ability to relax and experience calm. It strengthens composure in high-speed performance on the hockey pitch, handling anxiety/pressure wisely, transforming it into lightness, inner strength & freedom of expression.

  • How do we be mindful? Taking a few deep breaths is being mindful. Living from your own space, doing things with calm concentration is mindfulness. Mindfulness is in the actions of everyday life, like cooking, writing, playing music. In the here & now. With full attention on breathing, your body & its structure taps into inner calm, strength & vitality. It is as simple & effective as breathing & feeling your feet on the ground. Like the feeling of being by a tree rooting deep, we can root ourselves & grow. Movement, such as wellbeing & running, bridges mindful breathing & the body’s functions, efficiency & flow of energy.

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