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Inner Child Workshop
Qi Gong Meditation & Movement

Connecting the 6 Nature Elements
& 5 Major Organs with
Australian Bush Flower Essences

Qi Gong (pronounced chee-gong), is an ancient self-healing practice based on meditation & movement with the rhythms of Nature. It's where the movement practice Tai Chi originated. It is a gentle and deep Nature connection mindfulness practice. It supports us in connecting our organs and energy pathways (meridians) to the elements of Nature
- Fire, Water, Earth, Metal, Air, Wood.

Qi Gong supports the healing of the Inner Child by reconnecting us deeply with Nature. Enjoy this relaxing and reviving flow of movements from the comfort of your own home. This flow of movements help us to release tension and stress, restoring our vitality and health of the the 5 major organs - Lungs (air&metal), Heart (fire), Spleen (earth), Liver (wood) & Kidneys (water).

By practicing Qi Gong we restore and nourish our connection with Mother Earth. Also, with the support of essences we can connect with Nature and your personal connection to Nature - your Qi. Tree & Flower essences support the flow of our Qi in deep with Nature. When we are in alignment with our own Qi, the mind is clear, we are able to manage our emotions, and the body feels grounded and flowing with vitality.

The combination of Qi Gong and tree essences is a support system and practice of moving meditating and moving mindfully with Nature. Australian Bush Flower Essences are connected to the ancient wisdom of Australia. The essences are multi dimensional so help us on many emotional and spiritual fronts. Explore what aspects of your essences
resonate with you at this time. 


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