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- Mental agitation, exhaustion, fears, constant problems or obstacles


Balancing Influences from the Tree:

- Compassion, inner self calm, freedom from limiting beliefs



- Honour the transitions in life. The beginning in every end and the end in every beginning. Understand that continuous growth will bring inner strength and wisdom.


Qualities & Traits of the Elder Essence: ‘ The Seeker’

- freedom loving

- younger years living in the fast lane, a thrill seeker

- at the birth time of the Elder Moon Tree the Sun was fast fleeting so the quaklities take their cues from Nature.

- misjudged as an outsider as there is also the quality of tending to be withdrawn despite the extroverted qualities

- deeply thoughtful, deep philosophical thinking

- considerate of others

- genuinely strive to be helpful

- deeply honest


Earth Months – Moon Tree Cycle connection:

- November 25 - December 23

Ancient Irish Ogham Alphabet:

- A

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