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- victim, resentful, bitter, blaming others, unable to forgive


Positive Influences from the Tree:

- accepting life’s situations, adapting to change, strength from within, trust, vision, fertility forgiveness, healing of pain on any level, bend rather than break.



- Allow your emotions to come to the surface, it’s important to let go and find your own way to allow deep healing.


Qualities & Traits of the Willow Essence: ‘ The Observer’

- this essence is deeply connected to the moon so personality traits hold hands with the mystical aspects of the lunar realm

- highly creative, intuitive, psychic, intelligent

- keen understanding for cycles

- inherently know every situation has a season

- realistic perspectives and patient

- natural ability to retain knowledge

- bursting with potential but sometimes holds back true nature

- powers of perception allow the personality to shine and what deeply leads the person


Earth Months – Tree – Moon Cycle connection:

- Willow is the 5th moon of the year: April - May

- Willow is a Birth Tree for those born between April 15th-May 12th

Ancient Irish Ogham Alphabet:

Letter: W

Sound: Saille

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- exhaustion, mental anguish, sadness, melancholy


Positive Influences from the Tree:

- love, openness, trusting life’s journey, courage



- Trust that love will support you through your own passage of death, transformation and re-birth. Learn to face these cycles with an open heart.


Qualities & Traits of the Yew Essence: ‘ The Alchemist’

- lack of flexibility can lead to emotional coldness and detachment, this manifests physically as asthma and digestive issues.

- bottle up feelings leading to trapped energy

- responsible, trustworthy

- reliable, always ready to help a friend in need

- leadership skills, great planning and organizing abilities

- neat, tidy, likes order, efficient

- relentlessly seeks perfection in every situation

- problematic when things become rigid, feeling trapped, lacking spontaneity

- relaxation techniques can benefit letting go and enjoying life


Earth Months – Tree – Moon Cycle connection:

- Yew is 1 of  5 inner constitutional tree essences (instead of connected to a moon cycle, it is representative of our deeper inner self cycles)

Ancient Irish Ogham Alphabet:

Letter: Idha

Sound: I


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